Friday, 24 February 2017

Rendlesham Revisited. An interview with Steve Longero, USAF Security Police (ret.)

by Philip Mantle 

When December comes around each year it always reminds me that what has been labelled as Britain’s foremost UFO incident took place. I refer of course to the events in late December 1980 in Rendlesham Forest commonly referred to as the RFI. (This incident is too big and too complicated to summarise here but for those who are not fully aware of it I would recommend you read the Wikipedia page.) "Interview with author of UFOs Over Romania"

A UFO book gathering interest and momentum at the moment is ‘UFOs OVER ROMANIA’. In the west, little is known about its author, Dan D. Farcas PhD. With that in mind, I recently took the opportunity to interview Dan in order to try and learn a little more about his interests and how he became involved in UFO research in his home country of Romania. Click to read more on

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"An Airman Enconuter" - article by Philip Mantle in "Phenomena Magazine"

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